Ottawa’s Best for Framing, Drywall, and Paint

Choose a Trusted Contractor for Your Wall Work

Ottawa’s Best for Framing, Drywall, and Paint

Choose a Trusted Contractor for Your Wall Work

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Wallmaster provides expert framing services, ensuring the structural integrity and precision alignment of your space to create a solid foundation for all further renovations.

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Our drywall installation guarantees smooth, seamless walls and ceilings, crafted to perfection to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your interiors.

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Paint & Wallpaper

From vibrant paints to intricate wallpaper designs, Wallmaster transforms your walls into stunning statements with impeccable finishes and detailed craftsmanship.

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We expertly install and finish trim work, adding elegant details and refined touches that frame and enhance the beauty of your home’s interior design.

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At Wallmaster, we focus on what we do best, ensuring unmatched quality in every detail of framing, drywall, and paint.

Damaged by Water? We seamlessly repair any wall damage.

Visible Screw Pops? We make your walls flawless.

Crooked Walls? We ensure everything is perfectly straight.

Tired of Old Paint? We handle all the prep and painting.

Dreaming of Open Spaces? We assess and modify load-bearing walls.

Need a New Wall? We expertly determine and build where needed.

Fancy Wallpaper? We install it perfectly, no seams visible.

We understand how overwhelming home renovations can be.

We understand how overwhelming home renovations can be. That’s why Bob and the WallMaster team will handle everything from planning to completion, ensuring your peace of mind.

The WallMaster Process



Sit down with you to understand your vision and needs.



Provide a detailed estimate and plan based on your design or blueprint.



Deliver the work to the highest standards, keeping you updated throughout.

What Our Clients Say

"We had a complex, year-long renovation, and Bob was with us every step of the way, from the initial detailed planning to the final touches. His expertise, flexibility, and dedication to quality transformed our house into a home we love. The precision and care in his work are evident in every corner."
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