About Wallmaster

Meet Robert Duplessis, Our Founder

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Born and raised in the heart of Ottawa, Robert Duplessis discovered his passion for building and craftsmanship early on. Starting as a teenager with cement finishing, Robert quickly expanded his skills into more intricate areas of construction, specifically interior systems carpentry, which includes the expert handling of steel stud framing. In 2009, armed with years of experience and a self-taught mastery of drywall, Robert founded Duplessis Drywall. His dedication to quality and his keen eye for detail quickly earned him a reputation as one of the best in the business. As the scope of his projects expanded, so did his vision for the company. In 2018, he renamed his business WallMaster, reflecting the broader range of services offered—from framing and drywall to painting and wallpaper, while focusing on delivering excellence in anything wall-related.

Your home deserves the best, and at WallMaster, we’re here to provide just that.

Let us help you transform your space into something you love—a place where every wall tells a story. Contact us to start your home transformation journey today.

What Our Clients Say

"I wanted to say how happy I was with the work you did on my house. My baseboards and trims are now beautiful thanks to you! You were so professional, courteous, and friendly! It was a true joy to have you in our house. Thank you for your big attention to details. You really went over and above what I asked for, doing more work on my doors, and even putting in a brand-new closet! We will forever be grateful for the hard and fantastic work you did! Looking forward to having you work on our place again!"
Davidé & Alina
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